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The invisible man that we’re going to talk about isn`t that character from the book of the same title wrote by Orson Wells, published in 1987.

We have already heard stories with some invisible characters like fairies, witches, elves and, also, stories of an invisible superhero.

It can be stated that there was always the belief in invisible beings. Also, almost all of us learn to believe in invisible beings linked to religion: God, angels, saints and even in the existence of … "demons".

Today, let's talk about you, invisible man, as any of the beings or entities mentioned before.
Then, you will say: It`s impossible! I'm flesh and bone. I'm material, I physically exist. I’m made of matter, I occupy a place in space and everyone can see me.
For sure, you`re right. But you have a body that is invisible which is the agent and mother of your material body. It is like an energy body that acts as a mold of your physical body. Very few people can see it or perceive it. It is with this body of subtle matter that you will survive after death. Then, you`ll live, but invisible.

All things are consolidated amounts of energy, and somehow stabilized. Matter is energy. So, it`s not difficult to admit a body like some energy - invisible - binding agent of dense matter that forms and maintains the physical body. When this body disconnect of the physical body, this one shall enter into decomposition.

By referring to your body, you say: my foot, my head, my body.  So you are someone who possesses the body. But who is this person? 
This person are you - the spirit - invisible to human eyes, who retains the individuality and survives to death.

When someone loses part of his body due to accident or illness, this person says: I missed this or that part of my body, that is, states that had and had lost part of his body. Someone, unseen, lost something visible that was his. 

That someone is the being that we are calling "The invisible man".

You are independent of your physical body. That is, you're an invisible being that is expressed through a body of physical material.

The invisible being is the spirit. Invisible, because formed in a kind of matter that human perception do not reach.

This invisible body has an immutable identity, independent of time and space and also of whether or not associated with a physical body.

That old childhood dream of becoming invisible is not, after all, a so-distant reality. Especially, assuming that we live most of our eternity in ethereal form, ie, invisible to human eyes.

You are an invisible man, and also much longer than you ever would have imagined.

Everything that is said here concerns only with 
 the ability of seeing related to the human eyes. In the condition of disembodied spirits we will be completely visible to each other.

Cheers, invisible friend!

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